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Elegant, Graceful, Timeless. You can't go wrong with these earrings. Show off your style without sacrificing class when you wear a pair of our sterling silver earrings and add some polish to an ensemble.

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Sterling Silver 3/4 CT. T.W. Treated Blue Diamond Square Dangle Earrings
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Sterling Silver 1/2 CT. T.W. Solitaire Diamond Stud Earrings
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925 Sterling Silver Diamond 4-Prong Solitaire Milgrain Stud Earrings
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Freshwater Pearl Earrings in Sterling Silver
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Signature Designs in Sterling Silver

From a distance, you think they’re just earrings. But step closer and the true charm blossoms on these silver beauties. Their nature shows as your eyes are engulfed by tiny slivers of light that have traveled for miles to reach your face. A beautiful swimming pool of tones that roll off a gently rocking hoop - there sits our Marquee Jewelry Collection; long-lasting and as unique an accessory as life itself. Close up, we see something different though: the sun smiling down on all who dare wear its creations - life is best lived in shades of silver.

These elegant earrings use sterling silver for their source of the metal. They are 92.5% pure and will age gracefully through patina, a consequence of the natural process in which turquoise forms on materials over time.

For the customer looking for a more affordable option to show off their style, these sterling silver earrings are perfect. With an understated elegance that is sure to speak volumes while drawing less attention than other metals, this inexpensive piece of jewelry is a versatile and attractive solution.

Sterling silver earrings: sophisticated, fashionable, and affordable. Without the expense or engagement to gold or diamonds, these dangling beauties are perfect for a night out on the town with friends, family day at the library — really just about any occasion where traditional jewelry would spoil a budget! Featuring either simple beads: light and feminine; charm-embellished designs: youthful and spunky; or daringly sleek lines in metal burnish finish: refined and glamorous — you’re sure to find something that suits your style. Of course if there’s no design here that strikes your fancy (hah!), feel free to drop us a line! Nothing is off limits when it comes to making sure each of our customers has exactly what they're after.

Creativity abounds with clean lines and a contemporary feel in these elegant pieces. To top off your outfit with a splash of unexpected fun — look no further.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or giving these unique earrings as a gift, you're sure to find a pair of earrings that suits your tastes. We have the perfect earrings for every style and occasion. Come in to shop the Marquee Jewelry Collection today!

Comfortable and Chic, our silver hoop earrings are the best choice for those looking for subtle, yet bold jewelry that can dress up or down a look. Our sterling silver jewelry accentuates your skin tone and highlight your best features. Offering a polished, classic style that combines traditional and contemporary pieces, our silver dangle earrings can go with everything from a casual yoga outfit to a power suit! On their own, these earrings are beautiful.

Our hoop earrings can be worn alone, but also feature well with a matching stud earrings! Our silver hoop earrings are available in a variety sizes and styles.

Whether you're looking for simple studs that can stand up to everyday wear, or something truly stunning, our signature collection has it all. If you're looking for unique jewelry, then checkout our collection today. Whatever your style is, we have the perfect pair of earrings for you!

Be in the know when you're shopping for beautiful, unique jewelry! By shopping Marquee Jewelry, you are assured to find something that is a perfect fit for your budget.

Our Marquee Jewelry Collection showcases the bold, playful, and captivating pieces that have brought us so much success! Featuring subtle metals, neutral tones, and statement looks that are perfect for everyday wear. We have something that speaks to any style. As you can tell, we love to change up our designs seasonally, too!

Every jeweler dreams of creating original designs, and in our opinion, few can come as close to "personal" as Marquee Jewelry! We put our hearts and souls into the items that we create, and it shows in the materials and craftsmanship that we go through to create each piece in our collection. These designs are inspired by the beauty, artistry, and distinctiveness of the places we live, the people we meet, and the adventures that we experience.

In search of the perfect piece of fine jewelry? We have plenty to choose from. We are proud to make it easy to find gifts from our Marquee Jewelry collection online. We’ve got you covered! There’s something in our collection for every occasion — whether it’s a birthstone earring for a loved one, a statement peace for a night out, or something completely unique for when you're feeling extraordinary. We've got it all — and more!